Our care in your own home
PSA Homecare

Our fundamental values

At PSA Home Care we treat others the way we would wish to be treated ourselves and we promote fulfilling and healthy lives. We provide quality tailor-made care for each of our clients in their own home. It is our objective to create a safe and comforting environment for everone and uphold the following values:

Honesty We conduct our business openly and conform to legal and ethical standards.
Dignity We treat our clients the way we would wish to be treated ourselves and ensure that they are cared for in a way that will always maintain dignity and self-esteem.
Equality We believe in fair and equal treatment and opportunities for our customers and staff. Independence should not be compromised just because help is required.
Achievement We are proud to say that we keep our promises and we help our clients achieve not only the lives they thought they may be capable of but much more besides.
Respect People are individuals and we respect different views. The beliefs and wishes of our clients are considered above all else.

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